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Simple and contemporary, these tumbler style glasses highlight vibrant colors and amazing fragrances. Our Small Honeycomb Veriglass is made with Root Candles proprietary natural beeswax blend using fragrances containing essential oils and an all-natural fiber wick. The Small 6.3 oz. Honeycomb Veriglass Candle comes with a Root honeycomb embellished, bronze metal lid. Up to a 44 hour burn time. *Upcycle Tip - Use your clean, empty Veriglass and lid to store bathroom essentials such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, and hair ties. Also makes a great drinking glass! FRAGRANCE: Blue Basil FRAGRANCE TYPE: Kitchen FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION: Freshly chopped, rich blue basil with a clean, fresh blend of greens with spicy notes of the surrounding garden herbs: Ginger, Clove and Eucalyptus, mixed with the pure notes of the tomato leaf. COLOR: Peacock BURN TIME: Up to 44 Hours

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